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Gay Christian, Gay Christians, Lesbian Christians discern true Christianity from false Christianity, relationship verses religion, applying the The Law of Love, and receiving the spiritual help and guidance needed to live a full and abundant life.
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This Page - Gay Christian, Gay Christians, Lesbian Christians discern true Christianity from false Christianity, relationship verses religion, applying the The Law of Love, and receiving the spiritual help and guidance needed to live a full and abundant life. (Learning how to discern the difference between religion and relationship, what it means to be in true relationship with God, and how to apply Christ's Law of Love to all aspects of your life to discern what is edifying and right for you to do and be).


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Gay Christian Online - True Verses False Christianity - Relationship, The Law of Love - Page Four


I grew up in a nice home, with loving parents, and yet, I hated myself, had very low self-esteem. I believed, falsely, that in order to achieve love and acceptance from my parents, family, and peers, I had to be the best at everything. This was the pair of glasses through which I saw the world, my base or foundation. I interpreted everything I saw, did, or came in contact with, through this view. What must be understood is this view was false, and so, then, was my world.

In college, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, and as a good, new Christian, I was excited and zealous for the Lord. Though I was re-born in Christ, I still carried with me many old habits, and foundations. So, it was only natural for me to approach my relationship with God in the same manner as I did with the rest of the world. I thought, in order to please God, I had to be the best Christian, pray, study and know the Bible, witness, and serve more than anyone else. The end result of many years of this practice and interpretation was complete spiritual burnout. I only recovered, and found true Christianity, through a direct personal intervention from God, a touch of Godís love.

I learned the definition of a Christian is based not on what you do, but who you are; who you are will determine what you do, and the right spirit behind what you do. What I was practicing wasnít Christianity, but religion.

The definition of religion is "a set of rules, regulations, a system of beliefs or practices," whereby mankind tries to connect with God; this describes the majority of the world's religions. Christianity is the only religion that is not a "religion;" it is wrong to think "all religions are basically the same or are different paths to the same end." No, Christianity is defined as the "literal adoption of a person into an eternal personal relationship and fellowship with God and God's Family." The majority of the world's religions are devoted to people taking the initiative, turning inward or heavenward in the hopes of improving themselves, connect with God, and/or achieve some eternal reward; Christianity is the only "religion" where God took the initiative and reached down to us, and gives us not improved lives but a total new birth.

So, here I present to you some thoughts and observations to help you see and determine if you follow true Christianity, or false Christianity, mere religion. Knowing these things may help you understand why you think as you do, why you approach your relationship with God a certain way. Further, you might find insight into why and how you view yourself, why you approach God or Christianity the way you do, and determine if that way is true or false.

As a gay person, it is very easy for you to get involved in religion, "false Christianity," or even other religions, in the attempt and hopes that you might either be "cured," find a "miracle," suppress, deny or hide it. True Christianity teaches you how to be yourself, and celebrate self with responsibility, joy, peace, faith, hope, and Love.

Please read page one of this discussion if you haven't already, before finishing here.

Gay Christian Online - True Verses False Christianity - Four - Relationship HOME

od has given you Jesus, your Big Brother and Godís Spirit within you, to guide you into the life plan best for you. God has given you, Christí Law, the Law of Love, as your sole commandment to follow. Follow it, and you shall fulfill all required of you, and you shall be found right and perfect before God. Godís Love is the tool or yardstick by which to measure everything you are, the choices and decisions you have to make. You have confidence in the foundation of your relationship with God, and in the tools given you by God to live life.

All things are lawful to you, the Christian, but not all things are Love, not all things edify you, life or other people. It is Love and Grace that compels you to do right, not Law, not rules, dogma, regulations, dos and doníts. You are no longer under the Law, but under Grace and Love. Follow Love, and you shall fulfill all that is right.

If you Love, you will not steal, will not lie, will not abuse self or other people, for such things are not Love. You will walk in your liberties in Christ with maturity and responsibility, caring for and loving one another. You will give of yourself out of a motivation of Love, not out of a need to earn acceptance or gain perfection. In all you are and do, be Love.

Gay Christian Online - True Verses False Christianity - Conclusion - The Law of Love HOME

here is nothing wrong with reading and studying your Bible, if your motivation to do so rests on your Relationship with God. You read the Bible because you see it as a love letter to you from your Da-Da, and a diary of helpful advice and wisdom from your Big Brother Jesus. You read your Bible because you are madly in love with its Author, the Living Word of God, Jesus Christ.

There is nothing wrong with praying or fasting, if your motivation is the same. You pray because you want to tell your Da-Da about your day, share your concerns about things happening to you. Your relationship with God is so open and transparent you can honestly tell God when you are angry and frustrated, as well as when you are happy and content, knowing your Coach will inspire you onward and upward.

There is nothing wrong with fellowshipping with other Christians, attending religious services, witnessing, and sharing your faith, if your motivation is sure. You love sharing your Relationship and Love with other people. You will tithe and give more than tithe, because you Love. You love and accept others, even different than you, because you have experienced the Love and acceptance of God and Jesus Christ.

You do none of these things because you "have to," but because you "want to." You do them not to gain perfection, love and acceptance, but because you already know such, and the Love you know spills outward from you to other people.

Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Ignudo, A Supportive Angel, The Sacrifice of Noah - OR Holiday Picture - See Best of Pictures You interpret the Bible and Scriptures through the Holy Spirit living within you, and base it upon the Living Word of God, Jesus Christ. Everything Jesus was and is, how He ate and slept, how He laughed and cried, how He taught and corrected, how He healed and served, how He lived and died and rose again, is the Word of God in Flesh. So, whatever you believe a certain Bible verse to mean, hold it up to Jesus in comparison. If it matches, you have discerned correctly; if not, then refocus your sights on Jesus and gladly rethink it again.

If, in your Christian walk, you stumble or fall, you donít wallow in the mud in which youíve fallen. Instead, you get up, run to the open arms of your Da-Da, who cleans off the mud, hugs and kisses your boo-boos, and sends you on your way again.

God calls you to Relationship not Religion. God has provided the way to life and life abundantly through Christ. It is there for you, all you have to do is accept it, accept this better foundation.

I like to shock people sometimes, to inspire them to radical ideas about God to see the simplicity of these spiritual truths. One of them is, "God sent Jesus Christ to die on the Cross so you can spend the rest of eternity playing Frisbee with God." I firmly believe this, but for me, it wonít be playing Frisbee. I want God and I to ride shopping carts together through the grocery store parking lot.

hat fun things do you want to do with your Da-Da?

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