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Gay Christian, Gay Christians, Lesbian Christians website welcome. Website purpose, history, and its moderator.
Gay Christian Online - Website for Gay Christians, Lesbian Christians, and those who support them.

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This Page - Gay Christian, Gay Christians, Lesbian Christians website welcome. (What this website is about and what it is not, misunderstandings of the website's purpose, its history and beginnings, who Ben is, and why this website exists: advice, articles, information, encouragement, affirmation, positive lifestyle, books, links, poetry, music, and more).


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Gay Christian Online - Website for Gay Christians, Lesbian Christians, and those who support them


Gay Christian Online - Welcome
(Website Background - What It Is Not; Its Beginnings, and History, etc.)

Gay Christian Online - Introduction
(Website Purpose - What It Is; How It Can Help, etc.)

Gay Christian Online - Website Excerpts

(Overview of the Website - Brief Description of Each Website Article With Excerpts)

Gay Christian Online - A Page for Straight People

(How to Understand Gays and Lesbians, and Gay Christians; Stereotypes and Misunderstandings; Just What Is a Gay Christian; Silly False Fears; Our Common Goals and Bonds, etc.)

Gay Christian Online  The Cause of Homosexuality

(What Makes Someone Gay or Lesbian; Theories and Causes Explored; The Real Cause Finally Revealed)

Gay Christian Online - How to be a Gay Christian

(Despite What You've Been Told Otherwise - Scripture Study Without Debate: The Compatability of Sexuality with Christian Ethics and the Christian Lifestyle; the Law of Christ, the Law of Love, etc.)

Gay Christian Online - True verses False Christianity

(True Spirituality - Religion Verses Relationship, Grace Verses Law, Absolutism and Perfectionism Verses Normalness, etc.)

Gay Christian Online - Scriptures for the Gay Christian

(Helpful Scriptures For Life Arranged By the Fruit of the Holy Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Self-Control, etc.)

Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian Self-esteem

(Build Healthy Gay and Lesbian Self-Esteem and Adult Development - The Need for a Firm Life Foundation in Jesus Christ; Sources and Effects of Dysfunction; False Guilt And Shame; Stereotypes and Misinformation About Homosexuality; False Coping Skills; Destructive and Dysfunctional Behaviors; Sexual Compulsions; Positive Self Development; Positive Relationship Development; Coming Out; Beyond Coming Out; Creating Healthy Choices and Behaviors; Inner-Healing; Self-Love; Self-Image; Self-Actualization; Following Christ; Christian Principles For Life, etc.)

Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian Wisdom and Advice
(Common Letters and My Replies, Among the Many Are: Is Being Gay Wrong?; Why Sodom Was Really Destroyed; The Role of Women, Cultural Stereotypes; Gay Stereotypes; Should I Come Out?; My Spouse Is Gay; Sex Outside of a Relationship; I'm a Battered Spouse; After a Relationship Ends; What If My Church Finds Out I Am Gay?; Does God Accept or Reject Me?; What About Pornography?; My Parent Is Gay; I Need Help Finding a Church; Is Masturbation OK?; The Role of Reproduction; I'm Gay and Married; Should I Leave My Church?; How to Understand Scriptures; Is Change Possible?; What Does Being Gay Mean?, etc.)

Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian Life
(Articles on - Salvation; Baptisms; Sanctification; True Holiness; The Law of Christ, the Law of Love; Sin; Forgiveness; Communion; Sacraments; Prayer; Fasting; How to Study Scripture; Giving; Witnessing; Serving; Christian Ethics; Making Friends; Healthy and Positive Relationships; Christian Sexual Ethics; Following Jesus - The Challenges and Responsibilities of Relationships, etc.)

Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian Relationships
(Developing Healthy Relationships - What if You are Gay And Married; Making Friends; Dating; Finding Good, Positive, and Healthy Relationships; Guidelines for Choosing a Church; How to Recognize a Good Church; Being Gay in the Christian World; Being Christian in the Gay World, Defining the Gay and Christian Worlds; Defining Yourself; Following Jesus - The Challenge and Responsibilities of Relationship, etc.)

Gay Christian Online - Coming Out As A Gay Or Lesbian Christian
(Coming Out Right - The Successful Coming Out Process; Defining Sexual Orientation; Misinformation About Sexual Orientation; The Consequences of Living in the Closet; Who You Are and Can Be; Coming Out Internally; Before Coming Out Externally; Coming Out Externally; Beyond Coming Out, etc.)

Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian Athletics
(How to Pass Gym Class - Proper Diet, Nutrition, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat, and Fluids; Supplements; Sleep; Sex; Body Care - Bathing, Hair, Shaving, Teeth, Hands, Feet, Nails, Piercings, Tatoos, etc.; Clothes - Fashion Styles, Underwear, Shoes, Swimwear, Shirts, Pants, Skirts, Hats, etc.; Choosing and Using a Gym; the Locker Room; Gym Etiquette; Proper Use of Gym Equipment; Warm Up Tips; Descriptions of Individual Exercises for All Muscle Groups; Personalized Exercise Plans, etc.)

Gay Christian Online - Books for Gay and Lesbian Christians
(Books on - Being Gay and Married; Coming Out; Straight Parents and Families of Gays; Gay Dating and Relationships; Gay Parenting; Gays and Christianity; Gay Youth; Children; Gay Medical, Health, and Sex; Gay Legal, Social, and Psychological Issues; the Lighter Side to Being Gay; Other Gay Topics; Recommended Christian, Fiction, and Other Style Books, etc.)

Gay Christian Online - Links for Gay and Lesbian Christians
(Links to - Gay Accepting Churches, Denominations, Religious Support Groups, etc.; Gay Christian Resources; Coming Out Resources; Gay Educational and Library Resources; Information and Truth on Ex-Gay Ministries; Fun and Interesting Resources; HIV/AIDS; Medical, Sex, and Health Issues; Gay Literature and Poetry; Gay Magazines and News; Gay Organizations; Gay Relationship Resources; Gay Parenting Resources; Gay Youth Resources; Search Engines, etc.)

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Gay Christian Online

Gay Christian Online - Welcome

Website - What It is Not
Website - Misunderstandings
Website - Real Purpose

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f you think being gay is wrong, then thanks for visiting my website, and as you move on elsewhere, may Jesus touch you with God's Love.

But, if you are gay, struggling with your spirituality, sexuality, or life in general, or you sincerely desire to understand and assist those who do, then it is my sincere prayer you find hope, peace and Love through this ministry. Feel free to contact me, too.

From Lewis Carroll's 'Through the Looking Glass'
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King's horses, and all the King's men,
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

umpty Dumpty is an egg right? I mean, after all, we've all been taught that from our childhood. For years and years, this Mother's Goose rhyme has been interpreted as meaning an egg, and was immortalized as such in Lewis Carroll's, Through the Looking Glass. But look at the text; it never says Humpty is an egg.

I am sure many of you, right now, are either perplexed, confused, or willing to argue with all your soul that Humpty is an egg, but the text is plain to read. It is so easy to believe something to be a certain way because that's the way it's always been, always interpreted that way, or because we trust those who teach us; we never think to question, or seek, or research the answer for ourselves.

Gay (homosexual) Christians are like Humpty Dumpty. We've been taught Gay Christians don't or can't exist, they are broken, fallen. We've been taught it's impossible for Humpty to be anything but an egg, or in this case, a heterosexual Christian. But, Gay Christians do exist, and unlike the real Humpty, they are put back together, now unbroken, healed, accepted and able to be themselves fully, loved and blessed by their Righteous King, Jesus Christ.

Gay Christian Online - Welcome - This Website - What It Is Not

his web site is not designed as a forum or place for the debate on the issue of Christianity and Homosexuality.

The Lord does not permit me to engage in spiritual debates. I've found spiritual debates often leads to reducing our faith from a living relationship with God to arguments over commas and periods, laws and regulations, to mere religion. I leave debating to others who are called to do such; my calling is to serve, Love, and lay down my life for the betterment of others. If it is your desire to debate this topic you shall be sadly disappointed, for I shall only reply by "washing your feet."

We are called to wash the feet of even those who will not wash our feet.

Gay Christian Online - Welcome - Website Misunderstandings

lease take the time to actually read what I write, before you assume what I think or believe, teach or preach a certain way; that's only courteous, I think. You might be surprised at what a Gay Christian thinks and believes.

Whatever your beliefs on homosexuality, gays and lesbians, I challenge you to befriend and serve all people as Christ did, never condone rejection, negativity, or violence against anyone nor be the cause of it; give a cup of cold water when you see someone thirst, and allow anyone to wash your feet. Christ commands us to unconditionally Love all people, even those we do not understand. How we walk in Christ brings to light the true depth of our knowledge and understanding of Christ and His Law of Love, and the level of relationship towards Him and other people.

The measure of Love we have for the person for whom we care the least is the same measure of Love we have for God.

Gay Christian Online - Welcome - This Website - Real Purpose

his website has no "agenda" other than to share Jesus Christ.

This website is designed to provide uplifting, positive information, support, Love, encouragement and affirmation to gays and lesbians who seek Christ, and who desire spiritual guidance, growth, and maturity through Jesus Christ. Further, it is designed to provide the Gay Christian with wisdom, encouragement, insight, counseling, Love, support and practical experiences on how to live the Christian life. Lastly, it is here for people who are trying to love and support such persons.

started this website by accident. I never had an "agenda," nor did I desire to "prove something" or "be someone." I'm a librarian and former minister. Years ago, the State Library suggested librarians get involved in Internet and have websites. This dated back to the beginnings of the Internet. I posted a single page, telling about myself, the beginnings of what is now the Autobiography page. At the time, I didn't know anything about how to write web pages; I bought a book and learned. Also, I didn't know anything about "search engines," indexes of information on the Internet.

I wrote freely and honestly about my life. My website got picked up by several search engines, and I began to receive e-mail from people. I replied to every letter. I began to add pages about different issues and topics relating to being a gay or lesbian Christian, and with time this website, as you see it now, was born. Of course, the more I expanded it, the more it got used.

At the same time, I was busy quietly living my life. I didn't realize my website had grown so much until I began to notice my website being featured more and more by search engines as the leading site on this topic, and I was getting more and more e-mail.

Then my website was featured on CNN (Cable News Network). I began to get requests from newspapers, radio and television for my views, and editorials on a wide range of "hot topics about gays" in the news. Because of my conservative views, and my surprising twist on a lot of issues, I've been a surprise to both the gay and the straight communities. The media, and those with "agendas" always want excitement, arguments, hot discussions and debate, they want people who are "interesting." I just don't fit those catagories.

I am asked occasionally to debate on radio or in person, etc. I think it doesn't bring people closer to the Lord and each other, but breeds division. If I do appear, either in some newspaper, radio or television interviews or editorials, etc., it is only if I feel it contributes to the edification and growth of people and their relationship with Jesus. I've written a few articles, editorials and the like, as well as appeared in person for some things, but every time I seem to surprise people by my responses. I think they expect me to be defensive, willing to debate or argue, etc. Instead, I just listen, love, and wash a lot of feet.

When my website began years ago, there was little on the Internet about being gay and Christian, or even being gay in a positive way. I was swamped with e-mail from people that were hurting, questioning, wounded, searching. Now, these many years later, there are many websites available, and I am glad they are there. This website still remains unique, in it's extensive literary length, it's Articles on various topics, and the personal touch it has through contact with me.

I got the nickname "Gay Ann Landers of Internet" because of all the e-mail I answer and the advice I give out. I was as surprised as anyone by the title. I don't think of myself as this, just one guy listening, trying to help.

The final irony was when I learned I was labeled by various social/political organizations as one of the most "dangerous homosexuals in the United States of America." Why? Because I am not at all like the "stereotypes" of what most people believe or want gay people to be. Why? Because I am so "boringly normal;" I love Jesus, and embrace the Christian "lifestyle."

I always want this website/ministry to contribute to the edification and growth of people and their relationship with Jesus. How is your relationship with Jesus today?

aving said all this, let's move on to the website's Introduction...

Alternate Entry To Gay Christian Online Introduction

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