Gay Christian Online - A Page For Straight People - True Gay And Lesbian Lifestyles, And Gay And Lesbian Christians - Page Two
Gay Christian, Gay Christians, Lesbian Christians page for straight (heterosexual) people to understand true gay and lesbian lifestyles, and gay and lesbian Christians.
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This Page - Gay Christian, Gay Christians, Lesbian Christians page for straight (heterosexual) people to understand true gay and lesbian lifestyles, and gay and lesbian Christians. (Discussion of the stereotypes, and misunderstandings of supposed gay and lesbian lifestyles, and who are Gay Christians and what they really believe and practice).


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Gay Christian Online - A Page For Straight People - True Gay And Lesbian Lifestyles, And Gay And Lesbian Christians - Page Two


Gay Christian Online - A Page for Straight People - Preface HOME

hat does it mean to be homosexual, to be gay, a gay man or a lesbian woman? What do gay people want? How do they live?

What is a Gay Christian?

Perhaps you do not believe being gay is acceptable, or you are trying to understand gay people, be supportive. The easiest way for you, a straight person, to understand gays and lesbians, and homosexual sexual orientation, is to reflect on or think about your own sexual orientation.

etís continue...

Gay Christian Online - A Page for Straight People - True Gay Lifestyles HOME

upposedly, gays and lesbians are obsessed with, focused on, or addicted to sex, and have hundreds of sexual partners in a lifetime. You know there are some straight people who are complete slut whores, but I am sure you do not think they represent all straight people; the same is true with some gay people, too. Although gay relationships may not commonly be legal, religious or culturally recognized, this has not negated gays and lesbians from committing to each other in relationship. Today, over one third of all gay couples have children, and live in quiet committed relationships of more years together than many straight couples. Gay and lesbian people want the same thing as you, to make friends, date, fall in love, and share their life with that special someone. Children raised by gay parents are not affected in their own sexual orientation development; often gay parents raise healthy mature straight children.

You may have no social or political agenda at all, so why do so many straight people think gays and lesbians are radical liberal social activists? Supposedly, they want to force their beliefs and ďlifestyleĒ on the rest of society, and this lifestyle they wish to promote will lead to the moral or political decay of society. In reality, gays and lesbians are a very, very, very small minority of the total population to have such power. Yet, this doesnít justify overlooking their needs, either. Gays and lesbians may be found in all political parties, and embrace all types of political or social agendas, or they may not be involved in such things at all.

But, what most gays and lesbians do want is the same basic things you have and enjoy, for example: to quietly live their private lives; have the freedom to pursue and obtain their dreams and careers; to have their relationships recognized by their friends and peers; to be protected from harm and live in safety; to water their grass, successfully raise their children, go on vacation, play in the World Series, own their own business, pastor their churches, teach their classrooms, and protect the rights and concerns of those who did not elect them. Generally, gays and lesbians are not legally protected from being: denied promotions within or fired from their jobs, denied fair housing, denied hospital visitation by their life partner because not "immediate family," denied joint/family health or life insurance benefits, denied joint/family tax returns and benefits, denied death and spouse survival rights and benefits, denied equal relationship status under marriage laws, denied parental rights and/or visitation regarding their own biological children, denied the right to adopt or care for children, denied protection from hate crimes, denied protection from sexual harassment in schools or in employment. The supposed "special rights" gays and lesbians ask for are nothing more than the rights enjoyed by you.

Being "out of the closet," visible, does not necessarily mean a gay or lesbian person has a political or social agenda. Most of the time, they are out for personal reasons. They recognize the healthy benefits of being their full and true selves. In being themselves they are better able to live positive, and healthy lifestyles, and more effectively serve as committed, active, and responsible members of the greater society. You would neither know how, nor would you accept being forced to keep hidden your sexual orientation; you rightly recognize to be your total self includes walking freely within your sexual orientation.

It would be cruel for someone to tell you he accepts your sexual orientation, but you cannot "act" on it, required to live a single celibate life, cannot fall in love with someone of the opposite gender, nor express that love within a committed relationship because it is wrong. If someone told you your sexual orientation was "wrong," "an abomination," "sick," or "a sin," what is heard inside is "I am wrong," "I am an abomination," "I am sick," and "I am a sinner." You rightly see your sexual orientation as not a thing that can be separated or compartmentalized from the rest of self. Yet, some straight people say and do these things towards gay people, often with good intentions and a desire to mean well, not realizing the harmful and negative impact such may cause.

Those gays and lesbians who are proud of who they are, are those who recognize their inherent dignity, worth, and value, and have overcome these and other harmful things. They have reached the truth that their sexual orientation is just as boringly normal as their straight friends and neighbors, a non-issue, and a part of their total selves in which they can positively live privately and openly. They no longer want to remain quiet when they hear you share about your family, children, friends, and life; they want to tell you about their lives, and share with you, too.

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Gay Christian Online - A Page for Straight People - Gay Christians HOME

ithin the diverse gay and lesbian community are found gay and lesbian Christians. They have found personal faith and relationship in Jesus Christ, committed their hearts and lives to Christ. They follow the same beliefs, tenets, doctrines, dogmas, and beliefs as you within the Church. They practice their faith openly, study the Scriptures, pray, tithe, fast, strive for personal holiness and sanctification, open to the leadings and teachings of the Holy Spirit, strive to love and serve others as Christ commands, and to be living witnesses of the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world.

Gay Christians are often caught in the middle, between two worlds. The gay community accepts them, but not quite. They don't quite know what to do with them. They are drawn to them by the commonality of sexual orientation, but when they discover they are Christian, there is a hesitation. So many gays and lesbians have been hurt by, or experienced rejection or shunning by the Church, they are suspicious of anyone Christian, even someone who is gay or lesbian. Either the Christian community accepts them totally, doesnít accept them at all, or accepts them only if they keep their place, or follow certain rules. They donít know what to do with them. They are drawn to them by the commonality of faith, but when they discover they are gay, there may follow belief they cannot be Christian at all, suspicion of their depth of dedication to the faith, question the holiness of their personal lifestyle, or a need to bind them to rules and practices not required by themselves. Many in the Christian community reject them because of their sexuality, and many in the gay community are cautious of them because of their spirituality.

Perhaps you believe or were taught homosexuality is a sin. Christians teach we come to Jesus Christ without the need first for self-reform, that nothing we do can earn us Godís love and acceptance, it comes by faith, believing in Christ. But, many Christians go out of their way to close the doors of the Church to gays and lesbians, refusing to let them in unless they "first clean up their act." Christians teach we are not to walk in sin, especially when we know it to be sin, yet we recognize we are human, ever in need of the Holy Spiritís strength to overcome in life, and have it through faith in Christ. Yet, many Christians dismiss the salvation of gays and lesbians because they "walk in a known sin." Christians teach there are no degrees of sin, all are equal, for all break fellowship and relationship, either with self, others, or God. Yet, many Christians treat gays and lesbians as persons who have committed some higher sin than any of their own.

So, what is to be your relationship with sinners? Are you to avoid them, lest they contaminate you? Expose their flaws and make your point? The term "hate the sin but love the sinner" requires more than mere lip service. Love requires service, friendship, and recognition of family relationship. Salvation is achieved not by perfectionism, but by perfectionism achieved through belief in the sacrifice of Christ, and relationship with God through Jesus; daily we strive to be holy as God is holy, and we achieve it not by what we do, but by who we are in Christ, our doing is based on our being. If you can accept the alcoholic, the drug abuser, the over weight, the gossipers, the coveters, and prideful in your midst, then you can also accept the homosexual. If you can accept yourself, then you can accept your homosexual neighbor; love your neighbor as equally as you love yourself. The measure of love you have for the person for whom you care the least is the same measure of love you have for God and Jesus Christ.

But, is being homosexual a sin? People use the Scriptures to prove or disprove the acceptability of homosexuality. So, then, how can one know the truth? Simple, Christ said He was the Truth. Whatever you believe the Scriptures say or do not say about homosexuality must agree with Jesus Christ. But, this Jesus Christ cannot be some theory, idea, belief system, doctrine, or theology about Him, but rather the living, breathing person of Jesus Christ. The Bible says Jesus was "the Word of God made flesh," therefore Jesus is all Scriptures in "human form." Hold up your beliefs and compare them with Christ. If they match, well done; if not, then not only do you need to rethink your beliefs, but also your understanding of Jesus, God, and how God moves, operates, and Loves.

While some within the straight Christian community debate whether or not it is possible for Gay Christians to exist, meanwhile, they quietly live their lives as living witnesses of Christís Love. Long ago, Christís Apostles believed you had to become a Jew to be saved, even if you accepted Christ as Savior. But, one day a family appeared in their midst, living witnesses of Christís indwelling presence in them, and the Church was opened to the Gentiles. Today, the Church is confronted with persons in their midst who lift up holy hands, worshipping the Lord, showing forth the same fruits and witness as they, and yet they live a gay "lifestyle." The debate is really less about gays, as it is about themselves, and how much they know and reflect Christ in their relationship with other people.

Gay Christians are stumbling blocks to both the straight and gay communities. They are square pegs that do not and will not fit in the round holes of stereotypes placed upon them by others, nor will they accept anything that does not match the truth lying at the heart of their lives. God lives in their hearts, and does not seem to have a problem living WITHIN them, so there is no justification for having a problem living WITH them. It becomes really difficult to hold on to a poor or negative self-image, or harbor any fear or hatred of anyone, when you realize God loves and accepts you and them.

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Gay Christian Online - A Page for Straight People - Conclusion HOME

o be gay doesnít mean to look, dress or act a certain way. If you happen to be someone who is gay, being gay means being you. It means being true to yourself, your life, your sexuality, your world and your God. It means being normal.

Being gay is no more an issue than being straight. It only becomes an issue when it is out of balance, it is exclusively seen outside of the rest of what makes us who we are, or when it is operating out of dysfunction or outside of Christís Law of Love. Sexual orientation is a non-issue. It is an issue to some people because of prejudices, inability to see diversity and variety in Godís creation, or because of misinformation, fears, insecurities, denial, etc.

Being gay isnít a lifestyle, itís a life, and only a small part of it, not that in which we get our identity or purpose; for Gay Christians, that identity is reserved for Christ. Being gay may not be a choice, but being a Christian is a choice.

Being gay is being someone, a person, not a thing, not a group, not a movement. It means being your friend, your neighbor, your boss, your co-worker, your mother or father, brother or sister, aunt or uncle, cousin, nephew or niece. It means being your fellow brother or sister in Christ.

Gay and lesbians are really exactly the same as you, in all aspects except the gender towards whom they desire to abide with in relationship. Gay Christians are exactly the same as their straight Christian brothers and sisters. When one part of the community, whether it be within your neighborhood or your Church, is denied the ability to share its gifts and talents, not only does that part suffer, but the whole Body suffers. Separate, we tear each other down, harming, dividing, walking in fear; together, we build each other up, blessed, edified, walking in Love.

o, the next time you wonder what gays and lesbians believe, think, value, want, or desire, think about yourself, and youíll know; and, when you know, youíll realize there is less difference, and more commonality between us all.

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A Page For Straight People - Part One - Understanding Homosexuality, Defining Sexual Orientation, Gay Stereotypes

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