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Gay Christian, Gay Christians, Lesbian Christians wisdom and advice on being gay is wrong, why Sodom was destroyed, the role of women, and more.
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This Page - Gay Christian, Gay Christians, Lesbian Christians wisdom and advice on being gay is wrong, why Sodom was destroyed, the role of women, and more.


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Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian Wisdom And Advice - Being Gay is Wrong, Why Sodom Was Destroyed, The Role of Women - Page One


Is Being Gay Is Wrong?
The Real Reason Why Sodom Was Destroyed
The Truth About The Role of Women
Does Being Gay Mean Doing Your Own Thing
False And Hurtful Gay Stereotypes
Should I Come Out?
Thanks for Your Website
Is Pornography Good Or Bad?
What To Do If Your Parent Is Gay
Can You Help Me Find A Gay Accepting Church?
Is Masturbation Wrong?
The True Purpose Of Reproduction
What To Do If You Hate Yourself For Being Gay
What To Do If You Are Gay and Married
What To Do If You Discover Your Spouse Is Gay
Is Sex Outside of a Relationship Wrong
What To Do If You Are A Battered Spouse
What To Do After A Relationship Ends
What If My Church Finds Out Im Gay?
My Gay Spouse Wont Go to Church
Im Afraid God Will Reject Me For Being Gay
Should I Leave My Church For Rejecting Me For Being Gay?
What Do These Scriptures Really Mean About Being Gay?
Is Change From Gay To Straight Possible?
I Think I Might Be Gay, How Can I Tell For Sure?
Is Gay Sex Wrong?
How To Correctly Interpret Scripture
What Does Gay Really Mean?
What To Do If A Religious Gay or Lesbian Spouse Leaves
What To Do If You Are Being Used In A Relationship
Is Nudity Ever Acceptable?

n my many years as a Minister and Counsellor I am often asked to provide information or referrals to resources, requests for advice on life, questions from people trying to understand themselves and others around them, or assist hurting people needing someone to listen and care.

o, I decided to share with you some of the common responses I give to people, so you might be able to learn and grow from them as I have. Perhaps, these are situations and problems you are having, and my advice, wisdom, and information can assist you in making the right positive, healthy, and responsible choices and decisions.

My wisdom and advice my be just what you seek and need, my answers may surprise or shock you, they might unsettle you, you might refuse to believe what I say and recommend at first (but with time learn and see my point), or I may even upset and anger you. Whether to you who are supportive, you who have troubles, or you who don't understand or oppose: I electronically wash your feet.

Peace and Hugs. Thanks. Ben

Oh, by the way... I know this article is several pages long, but you'll find reading it from beginning to end to be worth the time and effort. These pages are here to help and inspire you. So, please continue on to the next page, read the entire article. You can even download it, and read it offline.

Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian Wisdom And Advice - Being Gay is Wrong Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian Wisdom And Advice - Being Gay is Wrong HOME

How can you say it is OK to be Christian and Gay? It is impossible for anyone in this lifestyle to be a Christian. The Bible condemns it. You may think you know God but you don't. You are bound for judgment.

First off, it isn't a "lifestyle," it's my life.

If you believe homosexuality is a sin, then it is equally as possible for a homosexual to be a Christian as it is for a glutton to be a Christian. What we do is a result of who we are in Christ. Some people wrestle with weaknesses, sins, and yet they Love the Lord, and the Lord loves and accepts them. So, your thinking is flawed.

Further, it reveals your heart, a heart that looks down on others different than you, and a belief that you alone are righteous. Your heart, rather than desiring those who do struggle with weaknesses to find help, support, and healing, would rather exclude them, shun them, lest they contaminate you. Believing yourself saved and the rest of the world condemned, you devote your time to pointing out the errors in other people and neglect to see your own weaknesses because of your own self-righteousness. If walking in Love, whether homosexuality were a sin or not, you would be befriending homosexuals, breaking bread with them in your home, and inviting them to your church. But, instead, you reveal your true heart.

The Christian "lifestyle" is one filled with Love and compassion. It is where you devote time to inward reflection, looking for what in self needs reform and growth by Jesus, and looking outwardly you Love and serve unconditionally all peoples, whether sinner or saint, leaving to God their reform and growth.

Open your heart to Jesus, and let God teach you true righteousness, and the truer meaning of Christian. I wash your feet. Peace and hugs, Ben

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Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian Wisdom And Advice - Why Sodom Was Destroyed Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian Wisdom And Advice - Why Sodom Was Destroyed HOME

Haven't you read the Bible, how the city of Sodom was destroyed because of homosexuality? I pray you look at yourself and the Bible more closely and find the truth, and return to the Lord.

I have found the Truth, Jesus Christ; neither you nor I can enter in through any Door other than through Him.

Regarding Sodom, I could go into great discussion about what scholars believe happened, their interpretation of it; we rightly read other verses of Scripture on the topic of Sodom and balance them with the doctrines of our Faith. Off the cuff, I would just simply mention that if Sodom was destroyed because homosexuals wanted to have sex with Lot's visitors, then why did Lot try to pacify them by offering them his daughters? There's more going on in this story that meets the eye.

Sodom is the story of Abraham. Abraham stood in the gap, asked God to spare the whole city, including ALL those "wicked people," if as few as ten righteous people could be found. Alas, God could not find ten. Why? Why weren't there many righteous people in the city being a witness for Christ? God was willing to spare this city, including these "supposed homosexuals," but it sounds like the "righteous" people of that time abandoned it, and perhaps even rejoiced in its destruction. I fear if Sodom existed today, people would be no different towards it. The story of Sodom is the story of Jesus, of a God who is patient, not wanting any to perish but for all to come to Christ. If only we had the same intercessory heart as Abraham and the patience of God.

Whatever was going on at Sodom, it was not Love. It was destroyed not because of its sexuality, but because of its lack of Love. Suffice it to say, whether in Biblical times or today, all thoughts and activities done outside of the Law of Christ, the Law of Love, should not be condoned. Know I do not, and address it in my heart and my interactions with people.

Though you do not accept my sexual orientation, I appreciate your acceptance of my personal faith. God, indeed, dwells within me, teaching me to be Love, to know the Truth is to walk in Love. I have confidence in this Love, of my Creator's perfect Will and work in my life, including my sexuality. I sincerely pray you walk equally in Love in your sexuality. Our world greatly needs to see people faithful to our Lord, responsible in their sexuality, living witnesses.

Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian Wisdom And Advice - The Role of Women Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian Wisdom And Advice - The Role of Women HOME

I have difficulty understanding how you can be gay. My church says you can't be gay and be a Christian, but they also teach things about the role of women I don't understand either. Do the verses in the Greek and Hebrew say something different?

I'm sorry, but I won't "take on" these verses, a debate, point/counterpoint. Yes, I could discuss the Scriptures in Hebrew and Greek, but debate often keeps us from seeing Jesus.

The apostle Paul taught the Word of God transcends all cultures and times, those aspects of a culture that do not violate the Law of Christ, the Law of Love, are permissible. The Old Testament Law and traditions placed restrictions on what kind of group or people could or could not enter the Temple, be part of the Covenant. The new Church was confronted with new people and groups with Jesus and the Holy Spirit living in their hearts. So, even though this didn't agree with their traditions and understanding of Scripture, they accepted these groups into the Church.

But, they accepted them with restrictions, putting rules upon them. It took the Lord, through the apostle Paul, to remove these restrictions. Paul wrote all things are lawful but not all things edify and are profitable, not all things are Love, and we do not use our liberties for occasions of flesh, but by Love serve one another, and strive not to cause offense or stumbling to those siblings in the Lord weaker in the Faith.

When Paul wrote about women or other things was he writing to the Churches of his day or to the Churches of our time? I believe the answer is both. Paul wrote about issues that were applicable to his time and today; he went to great lengths to teach godly Love, foundational to all things, even in our time.

Today, many churches have different views on the roles of women. We apply balance, remain flexible to the movement of the Holy Spirit; and, this applies equally to the issue of homosexuality. We have churches who believe women have a place and others who do not; we have churches who believe homosexuals have a place and others who do not.

The Bible is not just words, rules, commands, etc.; the Word of God is a Living Person, Jesus Christ. The Word of God is the Parent who scans the horizon for the return of the Prodigal Son; the Voice that withered the fig tree, calmed the storm and commanded a man three days dead to rise; the Person who has holes in His Hands that can embrace the unembracable.

This is why I can not debate matters of Faith, but rather let Christ speak for Himself in manner of living as well as speech. I will not become so rigid in my faith that when the Holy Spirit moves I should get shattered in the process. Rather, I shall remain flexible to God and the operations of the Spirit. I will not call unclean that which God has cleansed. God's Word never changes, but our understanding of God often does.

So, today we find the Holy Spirit speaking and ministering through women and even homosexuals, to the puzzlement or terror of some people. Do not be surprised if God challenges your life on occasion, challenges your understanding of God or people around you, for through this comes Love, and through that comes growth and maturity. The Spirit will guide you to understand the real Word, Jesus Christ.

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ext page for wisdom and advice on doing your own thing; gay stereotypes; and should I come out?...

Gay Christian Wisdom And Advice - Page Two - Doing Your Own Thing, Gay Stereotypes, Should I Come Out?

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