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Gay Christian Online - Athletics - Body Care (Clothes, Undergarments, Underwear, Swimwear, Hats, Shoes) - Page Eight - Part One


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Gay Christian Online - Athletics - My Athletic Life HOME

firmly believe we are triune, just like God. God is Father, Son, and Spirit. We are Spirit, Soul, and Body. We often devote our lives to our soul and body, forgetting the spirit. But, those of us who are Gay or Lesbian Christians, we sometimes forget the body, too. All three must be in balance. So, make sure your body is as healthy as your spirit and your soul.

eople write me now and then and complain about "certain pictures" on the website, pictures of people, and pictures of ME "supposedly" unclothed. They think it is not Christian, or sinful, and I have a problem. I remind them WHY these pictures appear. The photographs used here relate to the topic discussed, to show the muscle groups involved, or to show athletic development. People see what they see; I sometimes believe their objections actually reveal their true hearts. So, I remind you, too, to have a proper and healthy perspective on art and photography, for rarely are they the problem; instead, the problem lies in the heart of the viewer.

Gay Christian Online - Athletics - Body Care (Clothes, Undergarments, Underwear, Swimwear, Hats, Shoes) HOME


ow you dress and what clothes you choose to wear is your own business and taste. But, if you are exercising and improving your body's shape, you need to remember how your body will now look or show off in your clothes.Gay Christian Athletics - Use Clothes to Flatter You and Make You Look Good

Gay Christian Athletics - Think, Does This Shirt Make You Look Good? Choose clothes by color first, then style. If you are unsure what colors look good on you, go shopping, not to buy, but to find out what looks good on you. Choose colors that accentuate your skin and hair tones, and avoid colors that are similar to your skin and hair tones. For example, if your skin has yellow tones, avoid yellow or green (which has yellow in it) clothing, if you have red hair avoid bright reds, choose more brick or orange reds, choose blue clothes to match your blue eyes, or black clothes to match your black hair.

Before I fully liked and accepted myself, I dressed in clothing colors of black, browns, grays, and blues. The clothing you wear may reflects your inner self, or they may be the colors in which you look your best. In my case, I found I now look best wearing greens, oranges, mustard, burgundy, and brick reds which accentuate my hair color, skin tones, etc. I feel better, positive, and more confident now, and my clothing reflects this view.

Gay Christian Athletics - Pay Attention to Style, But Don't Become a Slave to ItThen choose clothing by style. Discount store clothing is made with cheap fabrics that are often uncomfortable, fade, and wear out quickly. If you take the time to watch for sales and discounts, you can find quality designer clothing that will last for years, make you feel good, and feel good on your skin. You get what you pay for, quality matters.

Almost all of the clothing I own I never purchased at full price. I am a power shopper; I look and look, wait and wait. Sometimes I hit and sometimes I miss. Here are few of the brands of clothing I wear or recommend. Many carry a line of women's clothing. They either have their own stores and websites, or are found at quality department stores.

Gay Christian Athletics - A Great Pair Of Briefs

Abercrombie and Fitch,
Tommy Hilfiger,
Perry Ellis,
Liz Claiborne,
Old Navy,
American Eagle Outfitters,
Eddie Bauer,
J. Crew,
The Gap,
International Male,
HE Swim Wear.

Gay Christian Athletics - Watch What You Want To Show Or Not Show

Do not sacrifice fashion and style for comfort. No matter how beautiful you look in that dress or tight fitting jeans, if you feel miserable while wearing them, you will look it, too.

Choose clothing to show off your best and cover up your least flattering attributes. Less clothing, or tighter fitting clothing means your body will show more. It may mean sleeveless shirts to show off your buff arms, or shorts to show off your muscular legs. Wear clothing that reflects how you wish to be seen, interpreted, and treated. Never wear clothing to pretend to be someone you are not.

You may need to rethink your bathing suit choice, the length of your shorts, or the low cut of your blouse or shirt. Women, wear clothes that reflect how you want to be treated. If you don't want people to think you are over-sexed, then don't dress over-sexed. Men, people watch you, too, and how you dress speaks loudly to other people. You know what I mean.

Dress and Formal Wear

Gay Christian Athletics - How To Tie A Windsor Tie

Men, learn how to tie a tie. It does not matter if the way you tie is a Half-Windsor, Four-in-Hand, Windsor, or Pratt/Shelby, learn one or several of them. The most common is the Half-Windsor. I personally choose the full Windsor; it is the one that gives the perfectly centered dimple right below the knot.

Gay Christian Athletics - Learn Now To Tie Your Tie

There are just too many men with pre-tied ties in their closets that someone else has tied for them, that they use. After awhile, the tightening and un-tightening just makes the tie look sloppy and unkempt.

Gay Christian Athletics - If Your Tie Is Sloppy, Then People May Think You Are, Too

There are just no excuses anymore for clip-on ties or bowties; in fact, I have noticed it is very difficult to even find them anymore. The only exception, are pre-tied bowtie for tuxedos; but, if at all possible, try to find and learn how to tie a real bowtie. There are plenty of free brochures, and websites with pictures and directions to show you how. Get one, and then practice in a mirror. It is not that difficult. I always thought bowties looked terribly complex to tie, and difficult to make them look even. I got a brochure to learn how to tie one, and I could not understand the directions. In my frustration, I accidentally tied it right, and discovered to my surprise, and humor, that a bowtie is tied exactly the same was as tying your shoelaces.

Men, formal tuxedos should be black or white, and try to avoid wearing multi-colored vests, or wearing any vest at all. Invest in a set of studs and cufflinks for yourself, normally silver, but another set in gold is a wise investment, too. Bowties should either be black, white, or red. Avoid wearing bowties of other colors, or a color that matches the vest you should not be wearing anyway. You may rent a tuxedo, of course, but to purchase one is a worthwhile investment, and it will look properly fitted, too One of the most elegant of tuxedos is the double-breasted, which is what I own. You can almost get away with not wearing a cummerbund with it, as long as you keep it buttoned. Otherwise, you need to wear a cummerbund. It helps keep the shirt tucked in tight in your pants. You wear it with the open part of the pleats going up; originally, it was because a gentleman could keep small coins for tips in the cummerbund. Lastly, if you wish, as I have, purchase a black top hat, formal cane of some type, white silk scarf, and a black overcoat or opera coat. Wear only dress socks and shoes in the same black or white color of your tuxedo.

A man should own a black suit, suit coat or sport coat, and one or two pairs of black dress pants/slacks for formal occasions, for use at weddings and funerals. Other suits and sport coats should be in colors that reflect your skin tones and hair color. Avoid brightly colored coats, even if currently in style, because they will go out of style. Also, avoid large weaves, tartan/plaid, or patterns in the cloth. The coat should be a neutral palate; let your shirt and tie, not the coat, be what reflects your personality and the occasion. Three piece suits, that come with a vest seem out of fashion now, almost old fashioned. In their place is the double-breasted suit. Double-breasted suits look best on men who are tall, or tall and slender. Make sure your shirt flows and matches or balances with the color of the coat, and that will not distract or take away from your tie. Your tie remains the sole full expression of your look. Avoid wide, thick, bright and unusual colors, humorous or holiday style ties. Pocket hankerchiefs seem to be a dying fashion accessory, but if you like them, make sure it matches the coat and especially the tie, and only let it show a little bit, not flopping out of the pocket. It is still acceptable for a man to wear a single small flower in his lapel. Your belt and shoes should always match in color, brown and brown, black and black. Your socks should be neutral, and draw little to no attention unless they are argyle, which is an acceptable fashion statement.

Gay Christian Athletics - Women Undergarments Show Be Tasteful, And Comfortable, Not Just Sexy

Women, your styles and dress are naturally more complex and difficult. Basically, my advice and pet peeve is to dress as you wish to be interpreted, considered, and accepted. I have never understood women who complain about being ogled by men, think they are not being taken seriously, or feel they are being viewed only sexually, when at the same time they are wearing something with excessive or very low cleavage, or very high or high side-cut skirts and dresses. A woman should wear clothing, whether formal dress or regular dress that flatter your best features and pull attention away from your least features. Your clothing, and accessories should, like with a man and his tie and accessories, reflect your personality, and be subtle. Pants should never be worn to formal or dress occasions, no matter how well tailored or supposedly dressy in looks. You may like or prefer pants, and they are often acceptable in the workplace, but you should not sacrifice your preferences on the altar of social acceptance, and show a lack of respect for a formal occasion. The classic black dress should be in every woman's wardrobe, for formal occasions such as weddings, funerals, and social events. However, it might be best to have more than one. One may be more feminine in cut and style, showing perhaps more of your shoulders, back, legs, and breasts. The other should remain formal enough to be respectable in churches or temples.

Gay Christian Athletics - European Briefs

Undergarments Underwear

hat you wear under your clothing can say as much about you as what you wear outside.

Gay Christian Athletics - Downright Sexy
People expect women to wear various types of undergarments, in various types of fabrics, to look sexy, or feel comfortable.

But, men, you have choices, too. In the United States, briefs are associated with children, adolescents, and men in their 20s to mid-30s. In Europe, other countries and cultures, briefs are common at any age. But, no matter where you live, If you are past the age of thirty-five, you might want to put away those briefs. Unless you have a really good physique, small briefs will look even smaller, and silly, on a large or over-weight adult frame.Gay Christian Athletics - Small Waist, Small Briefs Might Be Acceptable

Gay Christian Athletics - Try Briefs In Styles Besides Plain WhiteAlthough plain white briefs can be sexy worn on the right physique, there are other colors and styles. Consider trying them, but keep them simple, and tasteful.

If you insist on briefs, consider boxer briefs, which are long in the leg.Gay Christian Athletics - Boxer Briefs

Gay Christian Athletics - Cute Plaid BoxersOr consider boxers; they give you the ability to play with fashion and fun, with plaids, patterns, and even cute animals or cartoon characters.

Unless it has a designer label, there really is no reason to wear underwear showing above your pants or shorts.Gay Christian Athletics - Rare Way to Show Off Your Underwear

You can comfortably wear nothing at all under jeans, like I do, but if you choose to do so under shorts, consider whether or not they are see through, or you can be seen up the leg.

Gay Christian Athletics - Mesh Brief Gay Christian Athletics - String Brief

I do not recommend wearing novelty underwear, similar to what is shown here, i.e. underwear with specially placed zippers or velcro, words like "big package delivery," pictures like bananas, valentine hearts, lipstick, leopard spots, or zebra stripes, etc. In most cases, you do not look sexy, you look silly, or you look pathetic like someone trying to be a stripper. If you do not want people to laugh or stare, you should especially not wear novelty underwear at the gym, in the locker room.

Gay Christian Athletics - Heart Patterned Briefs

Very few men wear undershirts. Now t-shirts are outerwear. I will wear either a tank top or t-shirt under sweaters sometimes; otherwise, I rarely wear anything under my shirts. Or you can use them slightly visible underneath your outerwear for a layered look. If you sweat a lot, you may want to wear something underneath to protect your outerwear, and make a good appearance. If you like to wear undershirts, they don't have to be boring.

Gay Christian Athletics - Women Briefs

Here are few of the brands of undergarments I wear or recommend. Many carry a line of women's undergarments. They either have their own stores and websites, or are found at quality department stores.

Gay Christian Athletics - Thong Brief

Abercrombie and Fitch,
Tommy Hilfiger,
Old Navy,
American Eagle Outfitters,
J. Crew,
HE Swim Wear.

Gay Christian Athletics - Women Undergarment

Please, no socks with sandals, and never black socks with shorts or sandals. Women wear socks that are colorful, whimsical, and fun, and men generally wear socks that are neutral, do not draw attention to themselves. But, within reason, a man can wear fun and interesting socks, too. Wear cotton socks if your feet sweat a lot, and during activities that make them sweat.Gay Christian Athletics - Socks

Wear athletic clothing to the Gym, on the weekends, or your leisure time. Do not get in the habit of wearing nothing but athletic clothing, or you will look like you "live" at the Gym.


Wear swimwear that accents your body, makes you look great, not just what is fashionable

hat kind of swimwear to wear is the same answer as what kind of undergarments to wear. Wear what accents your body's best attributes, not its worst ones. If you have a slim, healthy physique, a man could wear boxer, shorts, brief, or thong style swimwear, and a woman wear a one-piece, or bikini top with shorts, brief or thong bottom. Otherwise, a man should consider boxer or shorts style swimsuits, and a woman a one-piece swimsuit.

Gay Christian Athletics - Swimming Naked

Women wearing nothing on top, or men and women wearing nothing while swimming is culturally and individually determined. But, even within a culture setting, let your individual body choices reflect your Christian heart and ethics, take into consideration the physical setting, what other ages and types of people are present, etc.

Gay Christian Athletics - Naked Swimming

Here are few of the brands of swimwear I wear or recommend. Many carry a line of women's swimwear. They either have their own stores and websites, or are found at quality department stores.

Abercrombie and Fitch,
Tommy Hilfiger,
Old Navy,
American Eagle Outfitters,
International Male,
HE Swim Wear.


Gay Christian Athletics - Baseball Cap Gay Christian Athletics - Cowboy Hat
ear caps and hats outside, or in the Mall, but generally when indoors, once seated in a restaurant, or even while working out at the Gym, take them off. Call me old-fashioned, but a man should remove his hat when indoors (unless it is a cowboy hat), when in the presence of a lady, and saluting the flag. A man only takes a cowboy hat off for three reasons: flag, church, and... blush. Women can generally leave their hats on all the time. Trust me, if you are a man, and wear a baseball cap or cowboy hat all the time, everyone will think you are bald. Even if you are going bald, don't hide your head for the rest of your life under a cap or hat.

Hats for men have now become very popular with younger men; I see it as sort of a reawakening to what was once enjoyed, a reflection of personality, and an identifier of class and occupation. Never purchase a hat by yourself. Few stores now have anyone trained in helping a customer purchase a hat. So, those that do sell them, are more in the business of selling them, than whether or not you look good wearing it. Take a friend or spouse with you to try on different hats. Many of the traditional shapes and styles have returned, but in newer colors, patterns, and fabrics. Think about how often and where you most likely will wear a hat. Take into consideration, too, the seasons, warm or cold weather, rainy, cool and wet, or dry, warm, and sunny.


ear shoes that fit first, and are fashion second. Women should not wear shoes that make them walk like they are plowing a field. Always make sure your shoes and belt color match. Men, do not wear brown shoes with a black suit. Never wear casual shoes, especially athletic shoes, with dress or formal clothing. Keep shoes polished and clean.

If your feet do not sweat too much you can wear shoes without socks, otherwise you will have to wear socks. Do not wear the same shoes two days in a row, let them dry out in between; they will last longer and smell better. Wash athletic shoes regularly.Gay Christian Athletics - No Socks

Flip-flops are very much in style, especially with men.Gay Christian Athletics - Show Off Your Well Cared For Feet

Gay Christian Athletics - Wear Sandals That Fit First, Then...If you have cute feet, wear sandals; if not, wear sandals that are more like shoes with slit tops and sides.Gay Christian Athletics - ...Secondly That Are Stylish

Gay Christian Athletics - Do Your Laundry Regularly

Do your laundry regularly.

See Also: Books: Athletic, Health, Medical.

et's continue with a discussion on gym clothing choices, what to wear, not wear, and wear underneath...

Gay Christian Athletics - Page Eight - Part Two - Gym Clothing Gay Christian Athletics - Page Seven - Part Two - Body Care - Scalp Hair, Bathing, Nails, Feet, Hands

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