The Cause of Homosexuality - The Causes of Homosexuality - What Makes Or Causes Someone To Be Gay Or Lesbian - The Truth Finally Revealed
The theories, beliefs, misconceptions, misunderstandings, and stereotypes on the cause or causes of homosexuality, being gay or lesbian explored, discussed, and debated, with the truth finally revealed.

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This Page - The Cause of Homosexuality - The Causes of Homosexuality - What Makes Or Causes Someone To Be Gay Or Lesbian - The Truth Finally Revealed. (In depth detailed discussion on the theories, beliefs, misconceptions, misunderstandings, and stereotypes on the cause or causes of homosexuality, on being gay or lesbian, here explored, discussed, and debated, with the truth finally revealed).


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The Cause of Homosexuality - The Causes of Homosexuality � What Makes Or Causes Someone To Be Gay Or Lesbian - The Truth Finally Revealed




What causes homosexuality? What makes people gay? Scholars, scientists, and religious teachers have been debating this topic for decades, theories abounded on the "causes" of homosexuality (See Reference 1). Generally, these theories included the "dysfunctional relationship between parent and child," a "confused traditional gender role," the "results of sexual abuse," or due to "genetics." But finally, now for the first time, we have scientific evidence of the origin and real cause of homosexuality.

First, let us look at various past theories and beliefs about the cause of homosexuality, what makes someone gay or lesbian.

Parent and Child Relationship

A common theory for the cause of homosexuality used for many years, as a foundation to psychological or religious ministry practices of "changing" male homosexuals into heterosexuals (often called "reparative therapy"), is the dysfunctional relationship between parent, the family, and the child, often called the "dominate mother and absent father" theory. If a female homosexual, then the parental roles are generally reversed. But, proper professional studies and research is proving the practice of this theory does not take into account other brothers and sisters who grew up in the very same home with a "dominate mother and absent father," and yet grew up heterosexual. Nor do they take into account identical twins separated at birth, raised by completely different sets of parents, societal and culture differences, and yet both are homosexual in adulthood. In reality, studies show if a family models the "dominate mother and absent father," it may actually be the "result" of the child being gay or lesbian, and not the cause of it (See Reference 2). In such a home, the father may unconsciously perceive difference in the gay child, and distanced himself, not knowing how to identify or interact with the child. Further, the mother may feel the need to nurture and protect the hurt child, compensate for the withdrawn father.

Confused Sexuality

When you look at the many case histories of people who claim to be "cured," who have "switched," or "changed" from being homosexual to heterosexual, the products of "reparative therapy," their life histories often show childhood and/or adolescence gender confusion, and/or sexual identity dysfunction. Often, when you look at people claiming change, in reality they were always heterosexual, just finally healed from gender and/or sexual identity, or orientation confusion. Some of them, further, were abused sexually as a child and internalized this trauma, or who somehow grew into a sexual, gender, or identity dysfunction that caused them to engage in negative, not positive, sexual behaviors. Thus, there are a small minority of people who are "gay" not because it is their true sexual orientation, but because of some dysfunction within their life development and processes. This surprises a lot of people, but it shouldn't; just as there can be heterosexual sexual dysfunction, so can there be homosexual sexual dysfunction. A person can change or warp their sexual orientation into that which is not according to their true nature.

For example, some women involved in homosexual activities are not really lesbians, but are actually heterosexuals who have never been able to develop good or positive relationships with men, either because of a lack of a good role model, or past male sexual, verbal, or physical abuse; they have turned, in their hurt, to a search for nurturing and healing outside of their norm; rather than seek counseling to heal the trauma, they get involved in a dysfunctional sexual and emotional relationship (See Reference 3). Further, some men are heterosexual, who yet engage in homosexual activities, behaviors, and false identity due to some form of sexual or self-identity, self-acceptance, and/or self-esteem dysfunction; this is shown especially in confusion over "perceived" traditional male gender roles, a search for male nurturing, or healing of a broken male relationship. Dysfunction within a sexual orientation may be evidence of a deep wounding, manifested in confused, or warped true sexual identity. Generally, in most persons sexual orientation is known, manifested either positively or negatively. However, in some people sexual identity or gender role dysfunctions may cause manifested confused sexual activities (See Reference 4).


Is sexual orientation determined by genetics, or determined by social, or cultural processes? The core to this question is really not the cause of homosexual origination, but rather the question of the morality of homosexual sexual orientation. If homosexuality is due to genetic factors two things most likely will happen. Those who believe homosexuality is wrong will use this evidence to prove it a genetic disease, and use it as justification to seek a "cure," to isolate, and/or deny gay people general civil rights. Those who believe homosexuality is healthy and normal will use this evidence to prove it is a part of normal human development, and use it as justification to prove it is normal, and/or ensure gay people have general civil rights. So, whether or not it is genetic, or a result of life makes no difference; either way, people will use the results to justify their beliefs or theories (See Reference 5).


Yet, there remains the issue of whether or not being gay is right or wrong. This is determined by whether or not you view life as strictly black or white, in absolutes, or whether or not you view it as black, white, and gray, with choices. Logically, much of life is neither right nor wrong, but neutral. However, there are many people who approach life and things within it strictly from a black or white, good or bad, right or wrong perspective. Within the religious community is found the most common, and most hotly contested debate or perception of whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong (See Reference 6). There is nothing inherently wrong in many things in life; how you choose determines whether or not they edify self, other people, society, and culture, or whether they use and abuse the same. For example, can attending church lead to the edification of self? Yes, of course. Can attending church lead to the use and abuse of self? Even good things can be used for bad purposes. Apply the same to sexual orientation; is it black or white, good or bad, right or wrong, or neutral until acted upon? Some people believe a person may walk in their heterosexual or homosexual sexual orientation either for the edification of self, other people, society and culture, or for use and abuse of the same. For those who believe in absolutism, then homosexuality is always wrong in all cases; for those who believe sexual orientation to be neutral, how you value and manifest it will determine its rightness, then homosexuality is acceptable.

Sexual Abuse

Children who were sexually abused, whether by someone of the same or opposite sex, do not grow up to be gay or lesbian, but such trauma can warp and prevent the natural and healthy development of sexual orientation, sexual identity, and healthy sexual relationships. Research shows the majority of persons sexually abused as children are heterosexual, not homosexual, in their sexual orientation. Further, mostly members of the child's immediate family and not some "homosexual predator stranger" usually perpetuate such acts. Sexual abuse is a crime of violence, not a crime of sex; it is a crime of power of one person over another, warped around sexuality. Children who are sexually abused often think they have "done something to deserve it," they gave off some kind of signals that caused it. This is never the case; the child is the victim of the crime, not the perpetrator of the crime. The child is always innocent, always. But, the false shame and guilt of the act can cause the child to believe there is something wrong with him or herself. Child abuse may cause a child to grow up with sexual dysfunction, and/or gender or sexual orientation confusion, as well as poor or unhealthy sexual relationships (See Reference 7).

Confused Gender Roles

Neither do children who do not fit "traditional" gender roles grow up to be gay or lesbian. If you are male, and like to cook, clean, sew, paint, arrange flowers, dance in ballet, or skate to music on ice, then you stereotypically must be gay; but, the majority of artists, male cooks, ballet dancers and ice skaters are straight, not gay, and the rest are a mix. If you are female, and like to rope cattle, work on an oilrig, then you stereotypically must be a lesbian; wrong again, most are straight. A person's occupation, or going against a "traditional gender role," does not cause a person to become gay or lesbian, but rather may be a reflection of the degree of rejection of homosexuality by that society (See Reference 8). In cultures or societies that are oppressive or rejecting of homosexuality, homosexuals tend to gravitate to such stereotypical occupations, hobbies, or talents to create a safe environment for themselves. In countries that are open to gays and lesbians, homosexuals and heterosexuals are found equally in occupations and roles traditionally believed as "masculine" or "feminine." Occupations which are believed to be "feminine" and yet occupied by a man, does not mean the person is or will become gay; the same holds true for occupations believed to be "masculine" and yet occupied by a woman. The real issue within such a culture is what is perceived or believed to be masculine or feminine, rather than being about homosexuality.

The Real Cause Revealed

Recent studies by the Prague Institute of Human Sexuality reveal finally the true cause of homosexuality, what makes a person gay or lesbian. The study began in 1974, and last twenty-two years. In the study, university staff interviewed, psychologically evaluated, and medically tested over seven hundred men and women who identified themselves as either exclusively homosexual or heterosexual. They excluded from the study persons who fit any of the previous theories on homosexual origin, and those who had been sexually abused, suffered from psychological gender confusion, etc. Their data and findings were then given to the London Research Foundation on Sexual Studies for comparison and confirmation. For additional study, and comparison by social and religious scholars, they submitted their findings to the St. Augustus Theological College and Seminary in Chicago, Illinois, and the Williamsburg University Department of Sociology and Psychological Research, Norfolk, Virginia. Together, these colleges and institutes jointly revealed their findings and conclusions, published in the October 1999, issue of the Journal of Sexual Medical Practices and Science, "The Cause of Homosexuality" (See Reference 9).

Prior to the 1930s, there are no confirmed or documented cases of homosexual orientation. Through the centuries, there are recorded various examples of homosexual behavior, but the idea and understanding of homosexuality as a sexual orientation was thought to be unknown, or unexplored. Recently, people have tried to apply "historical psychoanalysis" to various persons (See Reference 10), such as Abraham Lincoln, James Buchanan, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Frederick the Great, and King Edward II of England, for example, to attempt to declare them as "gay." Other examples are studies of ancient Greece and Roman societies and culture, with attempts to show such societies openly accepted homosexual orientation. However, just because James Buchanan lived most of his bachelor life with a male friend, and Michelangelo wrote romantic poetry to a male friend, does not mean they were homosexual in orientation. In their respective culture and historical time periods, platonic romantic love between persons of the same gender was acceptable, and generally not sexual; if they were sexual, it might have been just behavioral not a defined orientation. Further, it was common to slander a person, or even a current or past culture by accusations of homosexual behavior; again, stressing behavior, not orientation.

Beginning in the 1930s, through the expansion and general acceptance of the new field of Psychology, homosexuality began to shift from being identified as a behavior to an orientation. In these years began a rapid spread of homosexuality, first seen in the United States of America, and then spreading throughout the world. Doctors in the new field of Psychology quickly tried to find theories and explanations for the rapid phenomenon; and, thus were born many of the theories still used today to explain homosexuality and homosexual sexual orientation. Unknown to all but only a very select few bound by government secrecy, the cause was right before their eyes, lying on their dinner tables.

Fiesta - Newspaper Advertisement In 1936, in the deep grip of the Great Depression, and the growing menacing spread of totalitarianism throughout the world, a china factory in Newell, West Virginia began the development and production of one of the most popular, and far reaching lines of china dinnerware the world has ever known. After several years of trials and testing, the Homer Laughlin Company released Fiesta, sometimes called Fiestaware, at the Pottery and Glass Show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It immediately caught on, becoming the most popular line of dinnerware ever produced, more Fiesta on more dinner tables than any other china in the world. A product of the Art Deco style, Fiesta was modern, stylish, and colorful; it was also durable, almost indestructible. The first colors released were Red (Red Orange), Cobalt, Ivory, Yellow, Green, and in 1937 Turquoise was added, all released in a wide assortment of plate sizes, coffee and teapots, sugar and creamers, salt and pepper, sauceboat, water pitchers, etc. Also released was a Kitchen Kraft line of items for use in the Kitchen, in many of the Fiesta colors. Later, in October 1951, some colors were dropped and others added, to reflect the new styles of the 1950s, now to include Forest Green, Rose, Chartreuse, Gray, Red (Red Orange), Yellow, and Turquoise; some items were also dropped, no longer produced. Fiesta once again expanded in 1959 with the addition of the Medium Green color, and in 1969 was redesigned for modern home styles into Fiesta Ironstone, including only the Red (Red Orange) color from the original line. Fiesta returned once again in 1986, and continues today with new colors, and new items for the modern kitchen and table; new Fiesta does not include the color Red (Red Orange) (See Reference 11).

Fiesta - Original Vases, Various Colors, 1936-1946 It is this color Red, a brilliant Red Orange, which is important to the cause of homosexuality, what makes a person gay or lesbian. A glaze that includes Uranium produces the Red color. Uranium oxide (U-308) was used in the glaze, which included a small amount of U-235 and U-238. In 1943, the American government took control of all manufacturing of uranium oxide for use in the war efforts of World War II, the Manhattan Project, and the development of the atomic bomb and atomic energy. From 1943, through World War II and the Korean War, the manufacturing of Red Fiesta was stopped. In 1959, the American Atomic Energy Commission once again permitted Homer Laughlin to produce Red Fiesta china, using depleted uranium oxide. Concerns are raised about all forms of older china, including Fiesta, because of the metals contained in the glazes, especially when exposed to microwave ovens, high temperature dishwashers, and high acid food products. Studies and tests have shown safety for such products originally released for use with food, as long as the glaze is not compromised, and to best avoid placing them in microwave ovens and high temperature dishwashers. The amount of radiation produced by Red Fiesta has been widely debated. Safe levels are around twenty milliroentgens per day, the same amount released by Red Fiesta (See Reference 11).

Fiesta - Original Red Sauce 'Gravy' Boat, 1939-1969 In 1967, while on a trip to the United States, Professor Adolph Reisenburgh, of the Frankfurt Technical Institute, stopped in an antique store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He observed several obviously gay men purchasing antique Fiesta. He struck up a conversation with them, sharing stories of his youth in Germany eating off of Fiesta at his grandmother's house. They asked him his favorite color, and he mentioned he loved them all, but hated the Red. They were shocked, stating that Red was their favorite color of all. On the flight back to Germany, as he reflected on his encounter in the antique store, he began to wonder. He knew the story about the radioactivity of the Fiesta Red. Thus, was born his theory that radioactive Red Fiesta caused homosexuality, made a person gay or lesbian. Over the next five years, Professor Reisenburgh would frequent antique stores, interviewing the owners, asking them what type of person specifically bought Red Fiesta, over the other available colors, and the answer was always homosexual men. He also would host parties at the University, inviting heterosexual and homosexual students, male and female, and record what color place setting the homosexual student would choose; male homosexual and heterosexual female students would always choose Red Fiesta.

Fiesta - Original Yellow Water Pitcher, 1939-1969 Professor Reisenburgh shared with a friend, Dr. Joseph A. Peritzler, of the Prague Institute his idea that Red Fiesta caused homosexuality, made a person gay or lesbian. Dr. Peritzler was fascinated with the idea, and brought it before the Institute's Board of Directors, who authorized funding for the study in 1974. After the twenty-two year study, the results were clear, radioactive Red Fiesta causes homosexuality, caused a person to become gay or lesbian. Because homosexuals favor this color over all other Fiesta colors, it exposes them to a greater degree of radiation than any other person. Somehow, though it still remains unclear, this exposure leads to not just homosexual behavior, but rather homosexual orientation.

This explains the rapid spread of homosexual orientation beginning in the 1930s, and continuing still today, first through the original sale of Red Fiesta, and then through its resale and collection through antique stores, and now online retail or antique sale websites. It seems more than coincidence that the end of the Fiesta line in 1969 coincided with the birth of the modern worldwide gay rights movement with the Stonewall Riots of Greenwich Village, New York City (triggered by anti-gay police harassment raids of neighborhood gay and lesbian restaurants and clubs). By 1969, millions of Red Fiesta had been made, radioactively producing enough homosexuals to create a civil rights movement. However, all of this does not explain the sudden leap by psychologists of describing homosexuality as an orientation as far back as 1936.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, United States government documents have been declassified that shed light on this process. Prior to the Manhattan Project and World War II, the study of the effects of radiation date back many year, its effects not just physically but also psychologically. Declassified documents studied by the California Department of Health Sciences and Behavioral Modes, San Diego, show the U.S. War Department was concerned about the spread of homosexuality in the military, and whether or not the exposure to radioactivity would increase the spread. Secret studies (1936-1942) done within the War Department, later to be moved to the Manhattan Project, showed such to be the case. President Roosevelt signed a Presidential Executive Order on May 11, 1943, ordering the control of all uranium, and specifically its disuse as glazes in china. The order states: "male teenagers eating off of radioactive china might turn into homosexual adults, and later be drafted into the war effort" (See Reference 12). Thus, this is the "real" reason why Red Fiesta was banned until after the Korean War, a combination of the revealed cause of homosexuality (what makes a person gay or lesbian), and the homophobic fear of it within the military. Other declassified documents from the Clinton Administration (See Reference 13) show some military personnel illegally observing soldiers eating off of Red Fiesta, to accuse a soldier of being gay, in violation of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy (See Reference 14). Not just scientists, but psychologists were included in the 1936 government study, which explains how the psychological profession originally caught on to the idea of homosexuality as an orientation. But, with the original secret classification of the project, the real reason, real cause could not be revealed at the time, and psychologists and sociologists were forced to choose other "theories" to publicly explain it.

Fiesta - Original Red Tripod Candlestick, 1936-1943 At the official press conference, after the release of the study in the October 1999 issue of the Journal of Sexual Medical Practices and Science, "The Cause of Homosexuality" (See Reference 9), a member of the European Press asked Dr. Peritzler this question, "Dr. Peritzler, in your study why did the female students who chose Red Fiesta prove not to be homosexual even though exposed to the same radiation?" Quiet enveloped the room, as everyone waited expectantly for his reply. Finally, after deep reflective thought, he said, "Damn."

In 2010, the Prague Institute expects to receive funding from its branch institute at the College of Sexual Studies, Bern, Switzerland, to begin research on the "effects of wearing flannel" by homosexual (lesbian) women; results are expected afterwards, in about twenty-two years.

Fiesta - Original Nappy 'Vegetable' Bowls, Various Colors, 1936-1946


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Original Red Fiesta PlacesettingNo flawlessly beautiful original Red, or any other colored Fiesta dishes, and/or side pieces were harmed in the making of this parody.

Parody? Wait a minute, you mean this is all a joke? It was all made up?

Yes... sort of...

Original Chartreuse  Fiesta Plate

Reason For This Parody

The discussion of the various beliefs and causes of homosexuality, being gay or lesbian, are real. However, the "cause," the supposed "truth finally revealed" on the cause of homosexuality, is NOT true.

This Gay Christian Online humorous parody article is NOT meant to be taken seriously. It was designed to poke fun at, and point out many of the false beliefs and stereotypes about gays and lesbians, and the various unproven, or falsely stated, and yet believed "theories" about the cause(s) of homosexuality.

Since this article was published, it has received world-wide fame, numerous awards and recognitions for its humorous approach to a serious topic, helping people to better understand themselves, as well as learning to respect, love, and accept other people.

If you fell victim to its subtle, dry, "tongue-in-cheek" humor, and believed what you read... I apologize. But, we hope it helped you, gives you pause to stop and consider this topic, to better know how to approach, research, and discuss it.

Always remember, when discussing this topic you are NOT talking just about some behavior or thing, some theories or beliefs, but you are discussing real "people" who have inherent dignity and value, and are all loved by Jesus Christ.

Thanks, Ben

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The History Of Homer Laughlin Fiesta China
Ben's Unique Fiesta Collection

I have been collecting Homer Laughlin Fiesta (sometimes called Fiestaware) China for most of my life. I grew up eating off of Fiesta at my Grandmother's dining table. As a child, my favorite color plate to eat off of was Red (Radioactive Red Orange). I inherited her collection, and have been adding to it ever since. When Fiesta was reintroduced in 1986, I started purchasing and collecting it, too.

In the 1990s, I was walking through an Antique Mall in Kansas City, Missouri U.S.A., and found a Fiesta Large Teapot in Original Green color, with two sets of Teacups and matching Saucers in each of the original six colors:

Red (1936-1943 and 1959-1972),
Ivory (1936-1951),
Cobalt (1936-1951),
Original Green (1936-1951),
Yellow (1936-1969),
Turquoise (1937-1969).

I bought the set. When I got them home, I noticed something odd about them... the inside of the Teacups were flat; it looked like someone pushed a coin into the fresh clay in the bottom inside of the Tea Cup. Also, the Saucers are different; they are less concave, almost completely flat (they do not stack well with the regular Saucers), the rings on the underside are not in the same location and they do not have the same number of rings as normal Saucers. There were companies in the 1930s and 1940s that tried to copy Fiesta, and make "fake" Fiesta. I thought maybe that is what I had purchased. I went back to the Antique Mall, and learned from the owner he bought the whole set in Omaha, Nebraska at an estate sale of a lady who had passed away at the age of ninety-two; the estate sale included other Fiesta China, so most likely these odd Teacups and Saucers were genuine... but definitely...different. Since the whole set, including the Teapot, is in mint condition, my theory is she may have originally bought them when she first got married in the 1930s, and rarely if ever used them.

I did further research and discovered these teacups and saucers were real and original genuine Fiesta, and they dated back to the first year of Fiesta release in 1936. Originally the "foot" of various pieces like teacups, sugar bowls, etc. were throw separate from the "body," then the two put together to glaze and fire. This took too many steps, and slowed down the production process. So, the items were "restyled" into a single whole piece, where the bottom was attached to the body, which made the inner cavity concave, curved.

When Fiesta was released in 1936, it only had the original five colors. Turquoise was added the following year. Sometime very soon after Turquoise was added, the Tea Cups and Saucers were "restyled." Therefore, the two Turquoise Flat-Bottomed (or often called Flat Bottom) Teacups (or Tea Cups) are extremely rare. In fact, I may be the only person in the world who has ever found, seen, and own not just one... but two... Teacups and Saucers in Turquoise.

Fiesta collecting is a wonderful hobby; it is fun to hunt for that special plate or side item in a certain color, or try to collect an item in every color, and it is fun to decorate your table in different colors every day, and for special occasions. Some items were discontinued around the same time a color changed, which can make the same item's value vary from color to color.

In 1951, all of the original colors were discontinued except for Red, Yellow, and Turquoise. "1950s" colors were introduced, including:

Rose (1951-1959),
Forrest Green (1951-1959),
Gray (1951-1959), Chartreuse (1951-1959),
Medium Green (1959-1969, Which is a True "Crayon" Bright Green).

Fiesta ceased in 1969. It was "restyled," renamed as Amberstone, Ironstone, and Casualstone. Items were made slightly different from the original Fiesta, and were released in 1970s colors:

Dark Brown (1969-1972),
Antique Gold (1969-1972, Brownish Mustard Yellow),
Turf Green (1969-1972, Avocado Green).

Homer Laughlin also made other lines of China, some with the same Fiesta colors or unique colors of their own, called Harlequin, Riviera, Carnival, Epicure, Jubilee, Kenilworth, Rhythm, and Serenade.

New Fiesta was re-introduced in 1986. There are new colors released every year or two. Homer Laughlin will release a color for unlimited release, or will release a color for just a year or two, or release special colors and special items for certain retail stores. In total, New Fiesta has been released in nearly thirty colors, including:

White (1986- ),
Black (1986- ),
Cobalt (1986- , Blue-Black, Darker than Original Cobalt),
Apricot (1986-1998, Pastel Very Light Orange Cream),
Pale Pastel Yellow (1987-2002),
Turquoise (1988- , Darker than Original Turquoise),
Periwinkle Blue (1989-2006, Pastel Blue Gray),
Sea Mist Green (1991-2005, Pastel Pale Mint Green),
Lilac (1993-1995, Limited Two Year Release, Discontinued, Medium Lavender),
Persimmon (1995-2008, Red Orange Coral),
Sapphire (1996-1997, Bright Cobalt, Lighter than Original Cobalt, made in limited items and sold only in Bloomingdale's Department Stores),
Chartreuse (1997-1999, Limited Two Year Release, Brighter Yellowish Green than Original Chartreuse),
Pearl Gray (1999-2001, Limited Two Year Release, Slightly Lighter Shade than Original Gray),
Juniper (1999-2001, Limited Two Year Release, Dark Teal Green),
Cinnabar (2000-2011 , Dark Brownish Maroon Red),
Sunflower (2001- , Darker Shade Of a True Harlequin Yellow),
Plum (2002- , Deep Purple),
Shamrock (2002- , Bright Yellowish Green, Brighter than Original Medium Green),
Tangerine (2003- , True Bright Orange),
Scarlet (2004-2011, Primary Red Christmas Red),
Peacock (2005- , Bright Bluish Turquoise Blue),
Heather (2006-2009, Light Plum),
Evergreen (2007-2009, Christmas Dark Green),
Ivory (2008- , Slightly Darker than Original Ivory),
Chocolate (2008- , Dark Coco),
Lemon Grass (2009- , a True Asian Lemon Grass Color),
Marigold (2011- , Dark Mustard Yellow),
Flamingo (2012- ).

Thus far, the most valuable New Fiesta colors are Lilac, Apricot, Sapphire, and New Chartreuse. New Fiesta has also been released with Holiday decals (Christmas, Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, etc.), and Special Occasion decals (various contracted companies, restaurants, collector societies, etc.), with stripes and other markings. 2011 is Fiesta's 75th Anniversary. You can find Fiesta in fine Department Stores, specialty Kitchen and China Stores, and some Medium Range Department Stores.

New Fiesta has become as collectable and valuable as the original antique Fiesta. So, in many respects, both Antique and New Fiesta can prove both as practical dishes to own and use, and a long-term financial investment

I contacted the author of the Fiesta Collectors and Pricing Book, and her research with the Homer Laughlin Company confirmed my theories about the origins of these unique items. I displayed my set of Flat-Bottomed Teacups and Flat-Bottomed Saucers at one of the national Fiesta Collectors Conventions. A example photograph of Flat Bottom Tea Cups now appears in the Fiesta Collectors and Pricing Book.

Since then, every now and then I see a Flat Bottomed Tea Cup or Saucer in an antique store, antique mall, or online store. The most commonly found color is Cobalt, followed by Yellow, Red, Original Green, and Ivory. I have never seen any in Turquoise other than the two I own. Flat-Bottomed Teacups and Saucers are most commonly found in the United States in the states of Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota. My theory is these Central American States just happened to be the first locations where the items were shipped in large quantities before they were "restyled." I have received reports of a few of them being found in California, Indiana, and Ohio.

Since Tea Cups break more often than Saucers, I have found a lot of Flat-Bottomed Saucers in antique stores and antique malls. This proves there were originally a lot more Tea Cups originally released than one might think, but after all these years very few have survived. When I point out the difference to sellers and collectors, and share about the uniqueness of Flat Bottomed Teacups and Saucers, they will often reply, "Well, that explains why I have some Saucers that do not stack well with the other Saucers."

I am currently doing research on the average prices of Flat-Bottomed Teacups and Flat-Bottomed Saucers sold by auction, online, or through various stores and antique dealers. The goal is to determine whether or not there is enough rarity and interest to make their prices different from the regular Tea Cups and Saucers.

Oh, and always remember...

"Fiesta May Not Make You Gay, But Collecting And Owning It Can Make You Happy!"

Thanks, Ben

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